Jenkins Integration for Jira

Visualize build information from Jenkins in Jira.

Integration Jenkins and Jira, making build information from Jenkins systems better visible and searchable in Jira.

Pick and Choose the Jobs for Build Synchronization

Not all the jobs are required to be synchronized of every linked Jenkins site. This add-on gives administrators the fine-grained control over which jobs get synchronized and which don’t.

Only once a job is enabled for synchronization are its builds synchronized to Jira. This is also the point where any sub jobs will be made available for synchronization.

Visualize Builds Related to Issues

This add-on provides improved methods to visualize the Jenkins builds that are related to issues in Jira.

The CI Builds panel on the view issue screen provides a single view for all the builds that are related to an issue, and will augment that view with links to other identified builds, issues and projects.

Trigger Builds from within Jira

This add-on provides the ability to trigger builds of any job in Jenkins from within Jira. Simply open the Trigger a Build dialog and select the jobs to trigger a build for.

Install Jenkins add-on to Improve Synchronization Experience

Also install the Jira Integration for Jenkins add-on in Jenkins to utilise the trigger based synchronization method reducing the time it takes for builds to get synchronzied to Jira.

This also opens up features like triggering a build from Jira and supporting behind the firewall Jenkins sites.

Rule Based Automation

Install the extension add-on Jenkins Integration Automation for Jira to automate repetitive tasks related to Jenkins builds and there results to streamline work.

Lite Variant

The add-on is also available in a Lite variant (Marketplace Listing). This new lite version is functionally the same as the existing server version of the add-on but with some differences. Refer to the quick start quide Switch between Lite and Full version of the Add-on for details on the differences and how to up- and downgrade to and from the Lite version.