Jenkins Integration for JIRA Software Server

Visualize build information from Jenkins.


Visualize Builds Related to Issues

This add-on provides improved methods to visualize the Jenkins builds that are related to issues in JIRA.

The CI Builds panel on the view issue screen provides a single view for all the builds that are related to an issue, and will augment that view with links to other identified builds, issues and projects.

These links between Issues and Builds is also available for use in JIRA’s JQL. Functions include listing all issues related to a specific job or build on Jenkins giving users a quick and easy method to research build impact within there project.

Release Report Integration

Detailed build information is made available in the release report of versions in JIRA Software, including warnings for issues that have unstable or failing builds.

These details give developers and release managers a like information on the stability of the release and if its at risk.

Pick and Choice the Jobs for Build Synchronization

Not all the jobs are required to be synchronized of every linked Jenkins site. This add-on gives administrators the fine-grained control over which jobs get synchronized and which don’t.

Only once a job is enabled for synchronization are its builds synchronized to JIRA. This is also the point where any sub jobs will be made available for synchronization.

More Details

This add-on provides integration features between Jenkins and JIRA Software server. Making build information from Jenkins systems better visible and searchable in JIRA.

Please refer to our documentation for detailed feature documentation.

It is not require, but the installation of the JIRA Integration for Jenkins add-on will improve the overall experience of this integration, get it from the release notesIf you have it installed, make sure it runs the same version as the version of the JIRA Software server add-on!

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Visualize build information from Jenkins.

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