Marvelution provides the following services next to the Products it develops.

Product Support

Marvelution offers Standard and Premium Support as extension to the best effort (self) support that is included with every product.

Support comes in 4 levels each with there own response times, an online portal for creating tickets and self-service searching through resources, and more.

Standard Support is available on most of the Marvelution products and Premium Support is an extension on Standard Support. Please visit Support Offerings for more coverage details.

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Atlassian Add-On Development

Marvelution has more than ten years of software development experience, and almost eight years developing addons that extend and enhance Atlassian products like, but not limited to, JIRA, Confluence and Bamboo. And is best known for its Jenkins Integration for JIRA add-on.

This experience in developing high-value software is also used to create bespoke functionality for clients, so they can get more out of there Atlassian Product.

So if you are missing functionality within an Atlassian Product and think that an add-on may be able to fulfil it? Then get in touch to discuss you needs and get your quote for development of your add-on.

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